Monday, 31 August 2015

Autumn Fashion


The unfortunate conclusion that all us teens have to get around is the fact the SCHOOL BEGINS SOON.

What annoys me is that there are twon uniforms at my school:
Cute comfy polo shirt and skirt
Stylish shirt, tie and blazer that everybody has but me

because I literally just started at this school, my mum is refusing to buy me the new uniform. I am the only one!

However, I do know quite a bit about Autumnal fashion, which is the main focus of this post, so let's get straight on.

Please note that none of these photos are mine and I found them from tumblr (my tumblr: )

These are some of my favourite clothes/fashion statements for this Autumn that I'm sure to be wearing!

  • Hooded Fur Coats
  • Long brown Blazer
  • knit sweaters
  • joggers
  • Marroon, baby pink, brown, grey!!!
  • watches

try and stay away from floral or patterns, however high knee socks are in!

Jess Littlemiss xoxo

Saturday, 22 August 2015

if i only had a brain? heart?


let me begin this post by going waaaay back to 6 months ago when I first moved to where I live now (which is three hours away from where I used to live) and I had been talking to this guy on the internet

before you say A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G...yes I know he exists. My best friend E has a friend that has met him and she introduced him to me online over Facebook. plus he has snapchat, instagram, ect and has tagged photos, and my friend who goes to his school has met him.

we were talking for about 3 months, and I was going up to Suffolk to meet all of my friends and we had arranged to meet. He was busy but he told me that he could come then he messaged me that night saying how sorry he was. I'm pretty good at holding a grudge...

so I kind of blocked him and said that I hated him and yeah.
I pretty much forgot about him


I literally cannot stop thinking about him lately, and how perfect he is and how I was a bit harsh saying that I hate him... :/
When last night I was sleeping at my best friend M's house and she said, "have you thought about C lately?" and I was like, oh god, yes I have.

so I messaged him. Nothing flirty, nothing weird. I said something along the lines of "hello stranger, it's been a while, I needed some time, can we talk about what happened?"

and that we did. He explained himself and how much he felt like a douche and how bad he felt. And I was all like, "did you care about me at all?" and OH GOD GUYS YOU'D NEVER GUESS WHAT HE PUT NEXT

"I loved you."


why you do this. Setting aside that he is an incredibly beautiful excuse of a human being, I think that we're starting again. but I don't want to get heart broken this time!

do I trust him?

love, jess littlemiss xox

Thursday, 20 August 2015


"don't go looking for yourself when you're right here all along"

Recently I've been stressing out because, I don't know if I'm the only one who gets this, but sometimes I feel like I'm not even me. Like, I'm not even a person, I don't know its really funny.

But my best friend, M, has just found her own style and I trying to help me find mine

I LOVE COATS! Apparently my style is boho, winter.

but I realized that: You don't need clothes to express who you are. As long as you are nice to people and treat people the way you would like to be treated, there you go.

May I present- an actual human being
although buying new clothes is fab, right?

ooh, by the way here are my recent snaps for you guys😊

also I'm thinking of doing a giveaway, please comment what sort of things you want to see

love, little miss xoxo

Saturday, 15 August 2015


good evening reader,
 now for this post i have no idea what i'm going to say, so i'm going to talk about Alice in Wonderland.

Now, as we know, Alice goes through many different stages of growing, shrinking and changing. Eating one side of the mushroom, the cake, drinking the potion. Neither of these things were particularly pleasant for poor Alice, however once she had changed, she learned to live with the change until she could find a way to find herself again.

and if that's not a metaphor then I don't know what is.

reader, if you are going through a difficult change at the moment, then I suggest you do your best to learn to live with it, until you can find yourself again. Panicking does not help find an answer, and I assure you as soon as you smile and learn to love yourself your changes won't seem as hard as they were at first.

Life may still not be perfect, but, I kept to my word: it does get better.

And even if it's not a whole lot better, you can soon learn to live with what you have been given, then it will get even better. And maybe not soon, but eventually you will have not only found yourself, but you will be happy and learn to experience life, not just tolerate it.

The best things really do come to those who wait.

Don't get me wrong, my childhood wasn't the best. it certainly wasn't the worst, but I think that if I understood what was going on around me it would have affected me a whole lot more. Luckily, I knew how to get on with life, despite the rubbish background, and people literally call me the "happiest girl alive".

This post was very deep today, but I felt like being inspiring. Have a good day tomorrow- stay safe!

lots of love, Jess Littlemiss xox

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Samoens, france

I haven't posted in a while so I am back again with a new post for you all.

I have recently been in a wonderful place called Samoe
ns(sam-wons) for the past week with my Aunty H, Uncle M and my cousin, L. In case you didn't realise I am using nicknames to protect them:)

So they own this stunning chalet in this holiday park, which is two story, however we stayed in a three-storied one because there were originally going to be more people with us. I chose a bedroom facing the back garden (which was shared and had a real life waterfall) opposite my cousins. We were on a mountain, 6, 000ft high!

When we got there I unpacked immediately, sorting my new clothes into drawers, and put on a pink dress with beige flowers and we went out for a meal in a smart restaurant, which I forgot the name of.  The town is famous for a dish called Tartiflette, so we all shared a starter of lush bread and different meats and pâté's, then a main course of Tartiflette, which was delicious.

Throughout the week, we had plenty of activities. I remember the first day we crossed this thick grey mud on beautiful bluey-grey stepping stones to a large white water river and skimmed stones. We played pond golf and had a picnic by the lake. We went to a huge waterfall and showered under it (another thing ticked off my bucket list), we went horse riding in large lagoons and rivers, went to the highest point of a mountain, 12,000ft high...although that night I was sick because of it...

My favourite place was the square. It had a small carousel, a beautiful white stoned church with a bell that rang every hour, restaurants and shops all round, and a stage where one night a (very attractive) French indie band played and it was wonderful.

There was also an Irish Bar called "Koveys" which felt like home because everyone who went there was English.

In conclusion I had the time of my life, and I hope you enjoyed reading about it.

Lot's of love, Jess xox