Starting theatre school:

before I even began at E.D.S.A, I was only just prepared for what I had in sore. To begin with, I had no experience with dancing whatsoever, so the intensity of the training for dance did shock me quite a bit. On the walls of the dance studio, it says, "train and maintain" and "if you don't feel it, fake it" and I honestly think that those are really important things you need to learn, because doing something effortlessly wont get you into theatre, but training and working harder than you've ever done before gives you a massive chance! I used to hate it, and although im not the best, I have recently discovered a new love for dance. Also, when I was doing a group singing lesson there, the teacher said to me, "you in the grey jumper, what is your name?" And I obviously replied with, "jess". His following statement still makes me smile weeks later. "you're a good performer-I like it." This man is a west end and Broadway singing coach and he says he likes my performance! Ahhh! I am never, ever going to put limits on myself again.
Littlemiss xo

E.D.S.A Auditions

A couple of weeks ago, I auditioned for a very important theatre group called "Emil Dale" (no, not Emmerdale). This theatre group has west end teachers and trainers, and has a schedule of acting/singing/dancing every sunday. It also has a television and west end agency. I don't know if I told you, but dancing is my weakness. I had dance first and it was so hard that I nearly ended in tears, but I still did it. At the end of my audition I was shattered, I thought I had no chance of getting in.

Guess what?! I got an email the following week and I got in! I have gotten a lot of support from my family and friends, and I am very proud of how far I have come!
Littlemiss xo

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