Friday, 26 February 2016

Oklahoma! 2016 | Jess Littlemiss

To me, school performances are just away to kill time, but for this show, I met so many amazing and beautiful people and had more fun than I have had in a long time! Featuring the "snog squad" (named after the fact that we all end up snogging each other) we are all going for an after show meal together and are going to be spending time with each other in the future! Enjoy the pictures!

If you don't know the story, I played the role of Ado Annie, who is promised to her sweetheart, Will Parker, however she is not allowed to get engaged with him because her father, Andrew Carnes says that she can't marry him unless he owns $50. Meanwhile when he is visiting Kansas city, she falls for a nearby peddler man, Ali Hakim, who has no interest in marrying her, however her dad forced the marriage after he spent some time with her along side a hay stack! When Will comes back, Annie realises that she loves him and he becomes in possession of $50. Although she will always have feelings for Ali, she knows that Will will forever be her purdy feller!

loads of love, Littlemiss xxx


Monday, 15 February 2016

New puppy! | Lucy

Hey guys! long time, no type. I hope all of your valentines were full of love:-)

before I begin this post I would like to give a quick heads up that my new video is up, and is my morning routine (featuring Lucy-although she didn't really look like she wanted to see me in the beginning)
Last week I met my gorgeous new puppy, Lucy, who is a Doberman just like my other dog Ozzie. She is four months old, and for the first two months of her life she was locked away in a cellar in Serbia! She was rescued and now we own her.

Just look at these adorable pictures of her!

loads of love, jess littlemiss xxx
When I first met her

A wolf in sheep's clothing...

Thursday, 3 December 2015


It is sososo important to keep fit and healthy, especially during the Christmas season as we (and I am guilty of this) tend to stuff our faces with mince pies, chocolate and turkey, not realising that we need to look after our bodies!

Within the course of the following few weeks I will be uploading a page called "Fitness" where I will post my fitness routine, motivation and my diet.

Recently, my best friend J and I went on a jog and took a couple of pictures!

And here they are now!

With love, Littlemiss xo

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Christmas Present Ideas

Before I start this post, I want to say how happy I am that people are doing things to fix the sadness of the world. Despite the goings on it Paris, Lebanon and more, children in need is one of my favourite shows because it really shows the strength that these kids have and I'm so proud of everyone who takes part. Also, my old school was on it this year, from Great Yarmouth singing "The Climb". When I went shopping with my friend yesterday, I donated and took a picture with the one and only Pudsey bear !!

Anyways, today I decided that, since the John Lewis advert is out, it's obviously nearing christmas (it made me cry by the way).

If you have NO IDEA what to get your friends this Christmas, keep reading!

Christmas Present Ideas:

1. How about something short and sweet? If you are like me and completely broke this Christmas, why not get them a small candycane each with a little ribbon and a nice message about them! Its small but it's also very special, and it is key for getting that happy smile

2. Make them a scrapbook! You could start with a page writing about how much they mean to you, and add in pictures of you both together, find your favourite messages on social media, write down lyrics to your favourite songs. Make it special for the both of you

3. A little ordinary, but clothes is a great thing to buy. If you go shopping with them one day try and get them to try on clothes and say, "when we next come back you can get them" and buy them for it on christmas instead!

4. Get them a voucher of some sort! Starbucks, iTunes, Topshop. If you're not sure if their favourite shop has giftcards, don't be afraid to ask, it's their job to be friendly!

5. Bath bombs ! Lush is one of my favourite shops, and having something to relax with can really help you unwind. Even if it's just a scented candle, the thought is there.

I hope this post was good and you found what you were looking for! Tell me below what you would like to hear from next!

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Bill's Restaurant Review


I was quite surprised at how fast my food came. I ordered a Bill's Breakfast with beans, and overall I was pleased. The food was a pleasing size and the eggs were cooked perfectly. Unfortunately, I found the bacon quite fatty, but other than that I thought it was yummy :) I also ordered cranberry juice, which was really fresh and went nicely with the savoury meal.

I'd give the food 4/5


The waitress came quite fast, although didn't introduce herself and never checked up to see if our meal was okay. However, they were reasonably friendly, although they did forget our knives!

I give the service a 3/5


I loved the setting. I'm one for small shops that stretched that, and this restaurant did exactly that! It was very homely, and had a welcome feeling to it. I loved the blackboards on the way in, and the seats were really sweet!

The layout gets 4.5/5 (not exactly a fraction, but oh well...)

Overall I loved this restaurant and had a lovely meal that kept me full all day!


Saturday, 24 October 2015


posy outfit: TopShop
Me standing outside of John Lewis

I recently took a few snaps and decided that you lot would be quite interested in them, so here they are. 

I've always loved clothes, and for me Autumn and Winter clothes are my forte. I am a little bit obsessed. For some, I'm "Autumn in a person". Sounds nice, doesn't it? One of my favourite things lately has been long shirts. This entire outfit is from Topshop, from the hat to the fluffy overcoat.

And what is the build up to Christmas without a bit of John Lewis, eh? It's me: I always end up getting excited by E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. As I am writing this, I am looking out of my living room window, and the leaves on trees outside are golden, bright orange and yellow, and that makes me sooo excited! Yesterday, me and two of my friends went to town, and W and I went to look at the christmas lights outside of John Lewis. I was not dissappointed!

Also, My brother and his band, "History & Lore" have just released their new album, "Cynics, Crytics and Non-Believers". I would really appreciate if you downloaded this from Itunes, or even listening to it on Spotify:-) they also have a few songs on youtube, like "Animals" and "Monsters".

Love, Littlemiss Xo

Friday, 18 September 2015

Study Tips


Long time, no see my friends, I have so much to talk about!

I recently had my first day at EDSA school of performing arts and honestly it was amazing I'm so proud of myself, and GUESS WHAT?! They moved me up a year! (woop go Jess)

Okay, so today I am going to tell you about some studying tips and tricks to help you get the grades you need!

1. Join school clubs and extra curricular lessons! Okay, so this isn't exactly a study tip, but it will definitely make you more enthusiastic and happier about going to school, and even doing extra sports, art or reading you will be happier going into a lesson, and be much more enthusiastic about learning. It will also look really good on your CV.

2. when doing revision, try to highlight the words that stand out to you in any way or would be a benefit to your learning, such as key words and phrases that are easy to remember

3. YOU CAN'T LEARN BY JUST READING; I REPEAT; YOU CANNON LEARN BY JUST READING A TEXT BOOK! unless you have a photographic memory, which, 2% of the population

4. did you know, that if you chew a wild flavoured gum wild you're studying, and don't chew it again until your exam you will remember it?

5. always remember that grades don't define your intellect. as albert Einstein said, "never judge a fish for its ability to climb a tree" you're not going to be amazing at everything, and that's okay. Your priorities are to be happy, not clever!

6. Do not set limits for yourself. Say if your predicted grade is a C for Math: You can still get an A* if you work super hard and push yourself

7. Reading books gives you a huge range of vocabulary, spelling and punctuation.

Aaand that just about sums up my Study tips. Make sure you push yourself, and anyone taking exams this year a massive good luck to you!

Love, Littlemiss xox