Sunday, 15 November 2015

Christmas Present Ideas

Before I start this post, I want to say how happy I am that people are doing things to fix the sadness of the world. Despite the goings on it Paris, Lebanon and more, children in need is one of my favourite shows because it really shows the strength that these kids have and I'm so proud of everyone who takes part. Also, my old school was on it this year, from Great Yarmouth singing "The Climb". When I went shopping with my friend yesterday, I donated and took a picture with the one and only Pudsey bear !!

Anyways, today I decided that, since the John Lewis advert is out, it's obviously nearing christmas (it made me cry by the way).

If you have NO IDEA what to get your friends this Christmas, keep reading!

Christmas Present Ideas:

1. How about something short and sweet? If you are like me and completely broke this Christmas, why not get them a small candycane each with a little ribbon and a nice message about them! Its small but it's also very special, and it is key for getting that happy smile

2. Make them a scrapbook! You could start with a page writing about how much they mean to you, and add in pictures of you both together, find your favourite messages on social media, write down lyrics to your favourite songs. Make it special for the both of you

3. A little ordinary, but clothes is a great thing to buy. If you go shopping with them one day try and get them to try on clothes and say, "when we next come back you can get them" and buy them for it on christmas instead!

4. Get them a voucher of some sort! Starbucks, iTunes, Topshop. If you're not sure if their favourite shop has giftcards, don't be afraid to ask, it's their job to be friendly!

5. Bath bombs ! Lush is one of my favourite shops, and having something to relax with can really help you unwind. Even if it's just a scented candle, the thought is there.

I hope this post was good and you found what you were looking for! Tell me below what you would like to hear from next!

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Bill's Restaurant Review


I was quite surprised at how fast my food came. I ordered a Bill's Breakfast with beans, and overall I was pleased. The food was a pleasing size and the eggs were cooked perfectly. Unfortunately, I found the bacon quite fatty, but other than that I thought it was yummy :) I also ordered cranberry juice, which was really fresh and went nicely with the savoury meal.

I'd give the food 4/5


The waitress came quite fast, although didn't introduce herself and never checked up to see if our meal was okay. However, they were reasonably friendly, although they did forget our knives!

I give the service a 3/5


I loved the setting. I'm one for small shops that stretched that, and this restaurant did exactly that! It was very homely, and had a welcome feeling to it. I loved the blackboards on the way in, and the seats were really sweet!

The layout gets 4.5/5 (not exactly a fraction, but oh well...)

Overall I loved this restaurant and had a lovely meal that kept me full all day!