Saturday, 7 November 2015

Bill's Restaurant Review


I was quite surprised at how fast my food came. I ordered a Bill's Breakfast with beans, and overall I was pleased. The food was a pleasing size and the eggs were cooked perfectly. Unfortunately, I found the bacon quite fatty, but other than that I thought it was yummy :) I also ordered cranberry juice, which was really fresh and went nicely with the savoury meal.

I'd give the food 4/5


The waitress came quite fast, although didn't introduce herself and never checked up to see if our meal was okay. However, they were reasonably friendly, although they did forget our knives!

I give the service a 3/5


I loved the setting. I'm one for small shops that stretched that, and this restaurant did exactly that! It was very homely, and had a welcome feeling to it. I loved the blackboards on the way in, and the seats were really sweet!

The layout gets 4.5/5 (not exactly a fraction, but oh well...)

Overall I loved this restaurant and had a lovely meal that kept me full all day!


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