Sunday, 12 July 2015

10 things to make you happy

Happiness is everlasting with some rude interruptions, that's how I see it. Sometimes you can have everything you could ever wish for and still not be happy.

So I've made a list of 10, none expensive things that could possibly make you happy. How do I know this? I am literally the happiest person on earth.

So here we go:-)

number 1: Making others happy. Compliment a stranger, pay a street performer, do something charitable. Seeing a smile on someone's face automatically makes you mirror their expressions!

number 2: Singing/dancing to yourself. Even if its on a big stage in front of many people, or just in the comfort of your own shower, singing and dancing can make you enjoy life that little bit more.

number 3: doing something active. Now hear me out, exercise: Ew. But recently I've been doing a lot of hikes and walking and that's made me a lot more chilled and stress-free.

number 4: Being organised. Nothing is more satisfying than opening your lipstick/nail polish tray and it being colour coded and looking beautiful, or having files in chronological order. It takes a lot of time, however the amount of satisfaction you get from it is overflowing!

number 5: Having a chilled day. I love those lazy days when you wake up late, grab a coffee, bake something yummy and watch a movie (probably a Disney film).

Number 6: Spending time with friends. Going out and having a laugh, maybe playing t/d or just grabbing a pizza with your best friends is a real fun thing to do.

Number 7: Learning something new. You don't have to read an entire book on biology or whatever. But learning something new that you can tell everyone about is great.

Number 8: Listening to music! Going to Spotify or the Good Ole Youtube and listening to your favourite song or songs you've never heard of puts a smile on your face.

Number 9: Feeling clean. I love cleansing my face with a face mask and over-brushing my teeth:-) There is a large dose of happiness that you feel after having a nice clean up.

Number 10: Finding new makeup looks/ hairstyles to do. I often search up "hipster hair/makeup" and see what comes up in Tumblr.

I hope this advice is helpful!
Love, jess littlemiss xox

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