Sunday, 19 July 2015

50's vintage fayre

So today I went to this big museum with my mother and step dad because we'd read in the newspaper about this "vintage fayre" that was being held outside the museum. It was really awesome.

You know that one place where you can go once and fall in love with, or that place you go all the time and still enjoy every second of it. This was the place. I actually felt like I was part of the era. There were war posters all about, and everyone was colourful. They were dressed in polka dot dresses, military uniforms and old war workers clothes.

There was a large stall full of sweets that were sold in the fiftees. Handmade dresses were being sold and there were so many beautiful vintage cars!

My favourite part was the "Lindy Hop". We have recently been studying about this in GCSE dance. It's an old fashioned dance and everyone joined in, it was wonderful!

I bought myself a fudge chip ice-cream, a Rasberry Crush bath bomb and a glass of pink lemonade.

love, Littlemiss xoxo

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  1. Egg smacking fun had by all

    Mayor quimby


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