Friday, 18 September 2015

Study Tips


Long time, no see my friends, I have so much to talk about!

I recently had my first day at EDSA school of performing arts and honestly it was amazing I'm so proud of myself, and GUESS WHAT?! They moved me up a year! (woop go Jess)

Okay, so today I am going to tell you about some studying tips and tricks to help you get the grades you need!

1. Join school clubs and extra curricular lessons! Okay, so this isn't exactly a study tip, but it will definitely make you more enthusiastic and happier about going to school, and even doing extra sports, art or reading you will be happier going into a lesson, and be much more enthusiastic about learning. It will also look really good on your CV.

2. when doing revision, try to highlight the words that stand out to you in any way or would be a benefit to your learning, such as key words and phrases that are easy to remember

3. YOU CAN'T LEARN BY JUST READING; I REPEAT; YOU CANNON LEARN BY JUST READING A TEXT BOOK! unless you have a photographic memory, which, 2% of the population

4. did you know, that if you chew a wild flavoured gum wild you're studying, and don't chew it again until your exam you will remember it?

5. always remember that grades don't define your intellect. as albert Einstein said, "never judge a fish for its ability to climb a tree" you're not going to be amazing at everything, and that's okay. Your priorities are to be happy, not clever!

6. Do not set limits for yourself. Say if your predicted grade is a C for Math: You can still get an A* if you work super hard and push yourself

7. Reading books gives you a huge range of vocabulary, spelling and punctuation.

Aaand that just about sums up my Study tips. Make sure you push yourself, and anyone taking exams this year a massive good luck to you!

Love, Littlemiss xox

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