Monday, 31 August 2015

Autumn Fashion


The unfortunate conclusion that all us teens have to get around is the fact the SCHOOL BEGINS SOON.

What annoys me is that there are twon uniforms at my school:
Cute comfy polo shirt and skirt
Stylish shirt, tie and blazer that everybody has but me

because I literally just started at this school, my mum is refusing to buy me the new uniform. I am the only one!

However, I do know quite a bit about Autumnal fashion, which is the main focus of this post, so let's get straight on.

Please note that none of these photos are mine and I found them from tumblr (my tumblr: )

These are some of my favourite clothes/fashion statements for this Autumn that I'm sure to be wearing!

  • Hooded Fur Coats
  • Long brown Blazer
  • knit sweaters
  • joggers
  • Marroon, baby pink, brown, grey!!!
  • watches

try and stay away from floral or patterns, however high knee socks are in!

Jess Littlemiss xoxo

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